The Ugly Ducklings And The (Black) Swans Of The SAG Awards

The SAG Awards are the ultimate in insider awards shows—actors nominating and voting for other actors equals huge industry circle-jerk love-fest. Luckily, it seems like some of that love spilled over onto the red carpet, and for the most part, the ladies looked amazing. Even the few missteps were minor, but we do have some pointers on how some of the ladies could amp up their oomph factor. Overall, we rate this awards a much bigger sartorial success than the Golden Globes, which, admittedly, simultaneously made us want to fall asleep and slam the remote against our foreheads. Now that the gals are on top of their games—bring on the Oscars! (PopSugar)
Click through to see our picks for best dressed and those who missed the mark:

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