Below Average Guys Use Hot Apartments To Sleep With Women

Above, from left: Ralph Sutton, Jim Norton.

Trust the New York Post, that font of all things sexually explosive, to profile some of the gnarliest men in the city. We're not complaining though; Their latest feature is fascinating in a car-crash-can't-look-away kind of way, with a list of below-average men who use their apartments to get laid. One bachelor, 42-year-old Jim Norton, claims his Upper West Side apartment in the Trump Building is a deal-maker for dates: "Women see windows—and skirts come off...They like the view." He even brazenly admits that he "gave a horrible sexual performance." The article suggests that the recession doldrums are inciting ladies to have sex with men who have nice apartments. A generous financier named John even actually lets his friends borrow his 5,000-square-foot pad so they can get their game on when he's away. We wouldn't entertain the thought of hooking up with a dude in exchange for some apartment porn, but looking at the pictures that ran with the piece, we expected homes that we could at least entertain the idea of forgiving those that do. Is it just us, or are they almost as fugly as those guys? Well, says the Post, "With space at a premium, most New York women aren’t expecting anything palatial...Perhaps some parquet floors and a doorman." Bet Governor Spitzer wishes he knew that....
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