30 Reasons To Look Forward To Your 30s In L.A.

Everyone knows L.A. is a city where youth is power, right? A city where anything is possible, as long as you have an ingénue’s face, a hustler’s spirit, and the stamina to party hop until last call in five-inch heels? Hardly.
In case you haven’t heard, it's a pretty fantastic time right now to be a woman over 30 in L.A. Those in their fourth decade (and beyond) are launching companies, creating art, and effecting social change in massive numbers — with a sense of confidence and clarity that few 20-somethings can fathom. Even the notoriously age-obsessed realms of film and fashion are bucking the ridiculous idea that youth deserves all the attention. To wit: Cher, Joni Mitchell, and Jessica Lange are fronting coveted fashion and beauty ad campaigns, while this summer’s breakout cinematic talent wasn’t a wide-eyed gal of 22, but 34-year-old Trainwreck writer/actor Amy Schumer.
For further proof that life in this town gets way better after 30, we turned to some of the city’s most inspiring and successful women. Their stories and insights prove that getting older L.A.-style is most definitely not the curse it was previously made out to be — in fact, it can actually be quite fabulous.