6 New York Women On Their Biggest Beauty Blunder — & How They Fixed It

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Growing up, I had my fair share of bad beauty moments. And while the memory of my college spray tans still make me cringe, these growing pains seem so minor in comparison to other things. Beauty blunders are just part of becoming an adult — everyone has had ‘em, survived 'em, and learned how to overcome 'em. They're the necessary aches we must endure in order to learn just what exactly works, and what doesn’t.
The best part of sharing your biggest beauty mishaps is knowing that everyone has been there. We chatted with six of the coolest New York women about the hair, makeup, and skin care regrets of their youth (yes, they've gone through it, too). Get ready for Snooki-style poofs and lots of self-tanner...