Get Skinny Fast With Super-Easy Tips From The City’s Best Trainers!

We all get gym anxiety. You know the feeling: Are you lifting enough weights? Stretching wrong? Doing the right exercises? Or the right amount of reps? We know your time is precious and you want to get the most out of your workout (not to mention erasing that margarita guilt). So, instead of trying to make sense of those complicated muscle magazines, we hit up some of NYC's best trainers for insider tips on achieving the best summer body and safe weight loss training workouts. And, because you'd want to look better sooner than later (bikinis and board-shorts look better with sculpting), we made sure to get our experts to dish on getting definition on the quick, plus advice on what to eat and what not to do. Guess what: Cardio isn't that important. Crunches are a no-no. Intrigued? Best believe these super-helpful training tips are major bookmark material.
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