The Coziest Robes To Get Your #LazyGirl On

On too many holidays to count, we've unwrapped a fuzzy robe (or the ever-popular pajama set) from some distant relative who clearly didn't know what to get us. Of course, we've always happily accepted. (There was probably some fruit-scented body wash in there, too.) Just like all the others, we tucked it into the back of the closet.
Clearly, there's a difference between the fuzzy, polka-dotted concoction your aunt gave you and sophisticated, grown-up styles you'll actually wear. That's where we come in: Ahead, you can shop 16 luxe bathrobes in decidedly non-cheesy colors and prints.
And, if you are the distant relative who doesn't know what to gift (no shame!), we suggest bookmarking this list, stat.