Finally! A Skinny Jean Made For Muscular Legs

barbell-denimPhoto: Courtesy of Barbell Denim.
The Barbell Apparel team says they spend at least 20 hours per week at the gym. At about 15 hours over this writer's personal weekly goal, one might assume we — including women of all body types and fitness regimens — don't face the same kind of clothing-fit challenges. But, these fitness buffs have actually taken it upon themselves to solve a major style dilemma that even those occasional SoulCyclers and twice-a-week joggers know all too well: jeans you can't squeeze your calves into.
You know the feeling. You slip into what should be a pair of stovepipes that fit mostly right yet somehow hug your lower legs and quads like you've accidentally stepped into a pair of Spanx two sizes too small. It's not exactly the effortless fit you were going for. But, whether you can squat press your bodyweight or just have naturally shapely legs, Barbell Denim set out to create an alternative pant that provides ample stretch while avoiding the fine line between jean and jegging. In addition, with "generous" room around those hard-earned glutes, thighs, and calves, Barbell claims to provide a better overall slim fit and a true-to-size waistband.
Sure, we don't typically look for jeans designed for practicing sun salutations or burpees, as these pairs might (evidenced by the physically taxing Kickstarter campaign video), but we have seen our share of ones so tight they make our forearms nervous. And, while there's no replacement for our other favorite bottoms from J Brand, rag & bone, or Gap, it's a smart move on Barbell's part to respond to the market of denim lovers whose muscular bodies deserve attention. Since the Kickstarter page has already racked up its $15,000 goal several times over, we can assume the public agrees.
The campaign will continue until May 25. Meaning you still have time to back the project for yourself, or if you're anything like the creators, clock in another 100 or so hours at the gym. No pressure.

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