Banksy’s New Film Opens Today!

Banksy has amped up his mystery, this time in a new medium. Yes, the British street artist we all know and love (but have never seen), will be immortalized on the silver screen. Exit Through the Gift Shop premieres today at the Sunshine, and if it's anything like his politically charged, thought-provoking street art, we see an art-house smash written all over this baby. It's filmed documentary-style but paces like a drama (think The Cove) as it exposes the process behind street art creations. Word on the street is that it includes lots of high-end graffiti, differing views on public art, and even a few clandestine appearances of the man himself. That's worth the ticket price alone.

Sunshine Cinema
, 143 East Houston Street; 212-330-8182

Check out the extended trailer below:
Above, photo via The New York Times and Paranoid Pictures.