Baby Boomer Nails: Here's The 411 On The French Mani Remix

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Alexandra Löfgren.
Baby boomer nails are all the rage in France and Germany. According to Pinterest's 2018 Global Beauty Report, pins of this particular nail design are up 100%. And if you just asked yourself, "What the heck are baby boomer nails and why are Europeans loving it?" You're not the only one — we've got the same questions.
A quick Google search for "baby boomer nails" turns up images of an ombré French manicure. It's a look you've likely seen before in American nail salons. In some shops, you'll hear women asking for pink and white to get a similar look. But why have Europeans named it after the post-WWII generation? "The ombré French design was an evolution from the classic French manicure look. It has been known to be dated back from around the 1940s (baby boomer years)," nail artist Jade Tang tells Refinery29. "It's a timeless and elegant look — soft pink fading into frosted white tips — there's something romantic about it."
Hmm, it seems that France and Germany are onto something. Baby boomer nails are the perfect blend of minimal nail art and the classic French manicure. If you want to get on board with the French ombré look but don't know how you'll explain it to your manicurist, we've rounded up some inspiration and pro tips to take to your next appointment. A deeper dive into baby boomer nails, ahead.

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