Finally! A Sneaker You Can Legitimately Wear 365 Days A Year

We're always looking for a new favorite sneaker, whether it's a revamped classic or an incredibly cool collaboration. However, once the temperatures dip significantly, we often have to stow our favorite sneaks away in order to preserve our toes. But now, Baabuk is changing the game — with its all-wool sneaker that can be worn year-round, according to Fast Company.

Baabuk began as a Kickstarter campaign: It launched in December 2013 with the self-proclaimed aim of creating the "warmest boot ever." The boot would be handcrafted and made entirely out of wool — drawing inspiration from traditional Russian valenki shoes. The Swiss start-up met and surpassed its goal of approximately $14,000 within a month, and raised nearly $40,000 from 360 backers by January 2014. Now, the brand is introducing a new felted-wool, breathable sneaker (dubbed the Urban Wooler) via its second Kickstarter effort.

The Urban Wooler promises to do some very high-level, advanced stuff thanks to the powers of humble wool. First off, the sneakers are very comfortable, since the material molds itself to the foot of the wearer. They're also insulating, keeping feet warm when the weather's cold but still breathing when it's hot. Plus, they're antibacterial and water-repellent, so you don't have to worry about an unpleasant sneaker smell (Bonus: you can just throw these machine-washable kicks in with the rest of your the laundry if they do become less-than-fresh). Last but certainly not least, the Urban Wooler is meant to be worn without socks — which means you can skip the no-shows without having to fret over blisters or chafing.

If you reserve the Urban Wooler for approximately $135 on the Baabuk website, the all-wool kicks will be delivered to you in November. Or, you can back the project on Kickstarter and score the same style for a slight discount (around $123) — but you'll have to wait until March to get them in the mail.

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