Azealia Banks To Sing At The Met Ball…Or Will She?

In case you weren't mad enough that your Met Gala invite got lost in the mail, some excited tweeters are causing some serious pre-Ball dramz. Azealia Banks tweeted yesterday that she planned to heat up the 212 — we mean 2012 Met Gala — by attending as Alexander Wang's date and performing for the super-chic ball attendees. Banks tweeted with too many exclamation points excitedly "I can't wait for the MET ball! I'm going as Alexander Wang's date. He custom made my outfit and shoes ! !!!! It's soooo hot !" Unfortunately for Banks — and, let's face it, the Met Gala goers — this performance may not be set in stone. Soon after the tweets were published, they were deleted from Banks' feed, leaving many wondering whether or not it will happen at all, or whether event organizers simply want to keep details under wraps. According to the New York Post, Nicki Minaj was actually the first pick to perform at the Ball, but she bailed last minute.
Okay, so it's kind of embarrassing if Banks doesn't follow through, but would you be able to hold in your excitement if you were her? Either way, we think there's a valuable lesson to be learned here: Don't tweet your invites before they've, ahem, hatched. (Huffington Post and New York Post)

Image: Via New York Post