Ayesha Curry Gets Real About Her "Botched" Boob Job After Baby

Ayesha Curry, culinary entrepreneur and face of CoverGirl, has always been incredibly candid about her life — including what it's really like to raise three children with husband and NBA star, Steph Curry. But it wasn't until a recent interview with Working Mother that Curry opened up about her postpartum depression and cosmetic surgery — and, as usual, she didn't hold anything back.
Curry started by saying that she experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her second daughter, Ryan, in 2015. “It came in the form of me being depressed about my body," Curry explained, before detailing what she described as her "rash" decision to get surgery. "The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these bigger boobs I didn’t want," she says. "I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet.”
While Curry says that she will "never do anything like that again," she firmly believes it's a choice every woman should make for herself. “If something makes you happy, who cares about the judgment?” she adds. Curry's stance and openness surrounding her postpartum body isn't far off from Cardi B's, who recently revealed that she underwent a breast augmentation and liposuction following the birth of her daughter, Kulture.
While Curry didn't discuss plans to correct her breast augmentation, she did share that she plans on teaching her daughters about self love, despite society's harsh standards. "I’m not in the entertainment industry, in the traditional sense. I’m not thin... It’s been a journey for me," she said. "That’s why I want my girls to understand who they are — and to love it.”

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