Aww Factor: Burberry's Cute, Charitable, Funny, And Kinda Hot Christmas Card

Clearly we heart holiday cards, and we like to think we're pretty discerning when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff. That being said, we're giving 10 out of 10 stars to Miles Freedland's digital seasons greetings from Burberry. Freedland's card, who's promotion to Director of Public Relations for Burberry in North America was announced in today's WWD , was part of a larger initiative by Burberry's staff (each member got to personalize the signature) to pay it forward—you can recycle the missive and email it to your friends and family; Each time you send it, a donation is made to the Burberry Foundation. We're especially feeling the video, where Razorlight's Johnny Borrell sings a festive, funny diddy, "Can't Complain About Christmas," that had us saying "aww" and "hot" in the same breath. We're certainly not complaining.

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