Wait! Reese Witherspoon Has An Identical Twin — & It’s Her Daughter

Normally, we don't look twice at celebrities-out-and-about pictures, especially when they are just hanging around with their kids doing totally normal things, but as we glanced at these photos of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava, double takes were done. You see, the Reese Witherspoon trajectory has been one we've been monitoring every since Man In The Moon, the delightfully edgy Freeway (punk Witherspoon!), and Fear. (Well, we mostly watched the flick for Mark Wahlberg, but let's not split hairs.) Our point is: We are familiar with a baby-faced Reese, and stopped short because her daughter is A. Spitting. Image. Of. Her.
Kids looking like their parents certainly isn't news. But Ava Phillippe (daughter of Ryan) looks so much like her mother in her younger years that it is downright eerie. We've dug up an old Reese picture for a compare and contrast. Just look.
The heart-shaped face. That strong forehead. Even the shape of the lips. A young Reese and her daughter could easily be dopplegangers. Check out mom and daughter out on the town to really see the resemblance.

Photo: Courtesy of FAMEFLYNET PICTURES and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Mothers and daughters often look alike (though, the writer of this post doesn't look a lick like her mother, sadly), but it is nearly uncanny in this case. Fortunately for Ava, at least she knows what her future holds. Though Reese just gave birth moments ago, she has always had a completely elegant glow.