Day Pass: Explore Atwater Village, Our Fave Hidden Gem!

Nestled between Glendale and Silver Lake is the unassuming neighborhood, Atwater Village. Once home to the recording HQ of the Beastie Boys ( where they laid tracks for Check Your Head and License To Ill), this unassuming stretch of brick-and-morter has been changing at a rapid pace. Now it’s home to some unique retail spaces, delicious eateries, and unexpected recreational activities (Bollywood aerobics, anyone?).
So, we're spreading the word that this hip 'hood is the place to be, whether it's the perfect java-slash-pastry combo you're after, a cold brew post L.A. River bike ride, or just a sweet outfit for the weekend. Heck, with a gastropub and a fresh-pressed juice outpost opening later this month, you best believe this gem is coming out of hiding. Who says nobody walks in L.A.?! Let's strut this street!
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Woof Dog Boutique
Trust, man's best friend will get some serious attention in this tiny bark boutique. This shop is stockpiled with bakery treats, organic food, and pint-sized costumes that will make your pup wish every day was Halloween. Check out the monthly vet clinics and grooming services to keep Fido on his A-game.
Woof Dog Boutique, 3172 Glendale Boulevard (at Garden Avenue); 323-661-7722.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Viet Noodle Bar
When life calls for a big, slurpy bowl of noodles, we book it to Viet. The space may be modern and simple, but it dishes out some complicated flavors. Saddling up for a steaming bowl or a savory bánh mì is the perfect mid-retail fuel.
Viet Noodle Bar, 3133 Glendale Boulevard (between Glenfeliz Boulevard & Edenhurst Avenue); 323-906-1575.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Sew LA
Still sad that you skipped out on Home Ec? Wish you could whip up some new spring looks by hand? Fret not, crafty peeps: Sew LA offers group classes and private lessons that will get your needle threaded and your skills stitched to perfection. Sew cool!
Sew LA, 3153 Glendale Boulevard (between Glenfeliz & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-665-7097.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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We can’t decide what we love more about Canelé — the brunch or the dinner. Both meals are perfection, and both seem to happen frequently. Everything is sourced from local farmers' markets, and the menu adjusts with the season. The seafood soup and beef bourgeon have us hooked, as does the cozy communal table conversation. Make sure to grab a warm canelé on your way out the door — it's one sweet treat not to be missed.
Canelé, 3219 Glendale Boulevard (between Edenhurst and Brunswick avenues); 323-666-7133.

Photo: Courtesy of Canelé
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Atwater Village Farm
There’s something very comforting about a quaint corner market that's filled with artisanal products and fresh-from-the-field produce. Which is why we love Atwater Village Farm — this place has everything from baked bread and bottled Stumptown cold brews to green household products and locally sourced honey. The option of going to a farmers' market any day of the week? Sold!
Atwater Village Farm, 3224 Glendale Boulevard (at Larga Avenue); 323-660-8888.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Individual Medley
This is the kind of store that's so cool, you get the urge to move in and become BFFs with the owners. It’s slick, stocked with style, and boy, oh boy, did you get a load of that rad motorcycle? Just a heads up — you’re going to have trouble leaving empty-handed (though, probably not with that sweet ride).
Individual Medley, 3176 Glendale Boulevard (at Garden Avenue); 323-665-5344.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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55 Degrees
We appreciate a wine shop without the attitude, and 55 Degrees is quite approachable. This tiny shop is stacked to the ceiling (literally) with a wide variety of vino and beer. With wine tastings available in its underground grotto, feel free to test-drive a few new varietals before bringing a bottle or two to that next dinner party.
55 Degrees, 3111 Glendale Boulevard (at Glenfeliz Avenue); 323-662-5556.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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The Village Bakery And Cafe
Village Bakery is one of those places you can visit several times per week and never grow tired of. On weekdays, it’s home to many portable office folks, hunched over large lattes and laptop screens (we’re guilty of taking up residency over breakfast there, too!). We’re also no strangers to the sandwiches, specifically the portobello mushroom slathered with hummus and topped with market-fresh tomatoes. This is the kind of good-for-you comfort food that makes you feel satiated and totally not guilty about swooping up one of those cookies afterwards!
The Village Bakery And Cafe, 3119 Los Feliz Boulevard (between Garden & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-662-8600.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Alias Books East
For those of you looking to outfit your bookshelf with rare and vintage tomes, this is your mecca. Every corner has something exciting to flip through, whether your interests fall in art, film, or obscure and out-of-print literature. Have some rad coffee-table jewels collecting dust? Alias is open to looking at any collection for resale.
Alias Books East, 3163 Glendale Boulevard (between Glenfeliz & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-661-9000.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Hugo’s Tacos
There are those bad days that only Hugo’s guac-drenched chicken taquitos can make better. There are also days when you need plenty of options. Grabbing lunch with both a carnivore and a vegan? No problemo! Nearly everything on the menu can be altered to your dietary desires.
Hugo’s Tacos, 3300 Glendale Boulevard (at Atwater Avenue); 323-664-9400.

Photo: Courtesy of Hugo's Tacos
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Velvet Threads
Love the thrill of the hunt? There are a slew of unusual and one-of-a-kind treasures to discover at this vintage gem. Velvet Threads is only open on the weekends, so make sure you pop in and rummage the racks post-weekend farmers' market.
Velvet Threads, 3203 Glendale Boulevard (at Edenhurst Avenue); 323-953-4909.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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We often find ourselves with our noses pressed against this store’s window, dreaming of the day those chairs, that table, and basically everything inside this shop magically make its way home with us. The selection of modern and unique design pieces will make a bold statement in any room, so start saving your redecorating pennies now. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you — you’re going to want everything. Swoon-ville!
Grain, 3135 Glendale Boulevard (between Glenfeliz & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-953-4909.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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ATX by Kitchen12000
Tucked away off the main path and along the train tracks is Kitchen12000, an urban oasis serving brunch, lunch, and dinner. The opened-air patio is perfect for sunny afternoons, or for grabbing dinner after a visit to The Atwater Village Theatre. Make sure to order the Soujouk flatbread with mint pesto and pomegranate molasses, and get ready for repeat visits to take care of that new addiction.
ATX by Kitchen12000, 3245 Casitas Avenue (between Silverlake Boulevard & Minneapolis Street); 323-522-3488.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you'll fall madly in love with this outdoor living store. Pamper your patio with a variety of brightly colored pots, stylish chairs, and modern fire pits. This plant paradise is the perfect one-stop-shop for anyone on your gift-giving list, including yourself.
Potted, 3158 Los Feliz Boulevard (between Glenfeliz & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-665-3801.

Photo: Courtesy of Potted
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Club Tee Gee
If the retro neon sign isn’t enough to pull you in, the reasonably priced drinks and rocking jukebox will. Forest-green glitter ceilings and the original '70s rec room décor are a charming change of scene in this glitzy town. Drop into this family-owned time capsule after grabbing dinner on the stretch, but make sure you hit up the ATM before swinging in — this bar is cash-ola only.
Club Tee Gee, 3210 Glendale Boulevard (between Garden & Large Avenues); 323-669-9631.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Golden Road Brewery
This local brewery has made quite the mark on L.A.’s beer scene. Thus, its brews have been popping up on drink menus all over town. Head over to San Fernando, look for the colorful rows of warehouses, and then to see (and hear) whizzing trains while you load up on unexpected pub delicacies (think hearts of palm ceviche and coconut noodle salad). For those of you looking for a little more sustenance, there’s also a mouth-watering Angus burger and baby back ribs that are guaranteed to make any meal supremely memorable.
Golden Road Brewery, 5410 West San Fernando Road (between Doran Street & Broadway Avenue); 213-373-4677.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Heartbeat House
A boring fitness routine has you down in the dumps? Heartbeat House will work you into a sweat with fun cardio classes like Bollywood Aerobics, Awesome '80s Dance Party, and even AfroCaribe. If you’re searching for a little calm, there are several yoga options to balance your craze. Namaste.
Heartbeat House, 3141 Glendale Boulevard (between Glenfeliz & Edenhurst Avenues); 323-669-2821.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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L.A. River Bike Path & Parks
We realize that “beautiful” is not the first word that might pop into your mind when thinking about the L.A. River, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of nature to gaze at as you shift gears. Show off your two-wheeled stunner on this 3.2-mile stretch, and don't forget to pick up a sammie to enjoy at one of the small trailside parks. Let’s ride!
L.A. River Bike Paths, Path entrance off Los Feliz Boulevard between Riverside & Glenfeliz Boulevards.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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The Morrison
This Scottish pub is a recent addition, and it already has people lining up for the fish and chips and one of the most amazing bread puddings in L.A. Offering traditional fare with a modern twist, The Morrison will easily become one of your usual hangs. Kilts not required, but always encouraged.
The Morrison, 3179 Los Feliz Boulevard (at Glenfeliz Boulevard); 323-667-1839.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Every neighborhood needs a beer and sausage joint! Pull up a seat to watch the playoffs, or just enjoy the outdoor patio while sipping on a frosty Belgian. Feeling adventurous? Try the salmon chipotle or wild boar marsala links. Not into the carne? Vegans are covered, too, with an impressive six options of meatless links. Now, that’s one haute dog!
Link-N-Hops, 3111 Glendale Boulevard (at Glenfeliz Boulevard ); 323-426-9049.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Proof Bakery
We're having a serious love affair with this joint — and trust, the pastry counter's buttery choices will make you weak in the knees, too. We recommend you wash down that flakey goodness with one of the best cappuccinos in town, all while people gazing in the prime window-seat location.
Proof Bakery, 3156 Glendale Boulevard (between Garden & Madera Avenues); 323-664-8633.

Photographed by Kristin Guy
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Thank You For Coming
A Kickstarter-campaign success story, this intriguing food-meets-art space offers monthly rotations of experimental menus based on specific themes, ideals, and even personalities. Previous residencies have included a Telenovela-worthy persona named Miami, an automat spewing random eats, and even a menu where bites cost 69 cents per. You never know what you’re going to experience when walking through the door — and we love nothing more than being kept on our toes.
Thank You For Coming, 3416 Glendale Boulevard (at Le Clede Avenue); 323-648-2666.

Photo: Courtesy of Thank You For Coming
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Detox Day Spa
Everyone deserves a little TLC, and Detox has the power to wash away any of your weekday woes. This small, modern spa offers a variety of high-end services as well as a line of skin-care products that we’ve been known to snatch up in bulk. This zen spot even offers discount services during its monthly happy hour. So, towel-up and head for the sauna — life’s about to get delightfully mellow.
Detox Day Spa, 3141 Los Feliz Boulevard (at Glenfeliz Avenue); 323-665-3869.

Photo: Courtesy of Detos Day Spa

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