This Is The Minimalist Wardrobe You’ve Been Dreaming Of

We love color, especially during the warm-weather months. But, there's plenty to be said for all-neutral outfits, too. Not only are black and white items staple pieces within every woman's wardrobe, but they're simple luxuries that can be styled in an infinite number of ways. Really, where would we be without the black blazer, the striped top, or the white button-down?
Truth be told, we have quite a few minimalist dressers among our ranks at R29 HQ. And, they're all pretty enthusiastic about this refined, uncomplicated collection from new kid on the block Atea. The label, launched just last year, is giving it to us straight. Its simple-yet-playful silhouettes cater to the millennial set, with a strong focus on career clothing. There's a definite elegance to the line, and its slightly sporty flair is totally on point for spring. Minimalist or not, there's something for everyone here — and you can shop all things Atea after the click!
Photo: Courtesy of Atea.

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