This At-Home Pilates Mat Workout Boosts Energy & Cuts Stress

Photo: Courtesy of Valorie Darling Photography.
Pilates was the first at-home workout I ever tried, and though it's not in my regular rotation, whenever I pick it back up, I wish that it was. That's because Pilates mat workouts really do it all.
"Pilates mat workouts promote circulation, and elongation of muscles while strengthening the body," says Andrea Speir, founder of Speir Pilates. She says it's truly the perfect antidote to WFH aches. "The circulation flow and stretching elements revitalize the body, improve postural muscles so there isn't as much strain, and leave the body feeling fantastic and awakened instead of fatigued," she says. "When we are dealing with new kinds of stress, a less impactful workout such as Pilates can be more productive for the health of the body on some days versus the intense power workout."
Listen, I love a super-hard workout as much as the next person. But the beauty of Pilates is that you get that post-exercise glow (and soreness) — just without feeling totally wrecked or exhausted. And nothing makes me feel more flexible.
Convinced? Speir put together an exclusive at-home Pilates mat workout just for Refinery29 readers. It's great for beginners or for people who already love Pilates. Move smoothly through each exercise, but don't rush — this is Pilates after all, not HIIT. Enjoy!

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