These Scarves Help Chemo Patients Reclaim Their Power

When it comes to our personal health, there are some things we can control. Yet, others? Well, sadly, not so much. And, for women who have been diagnosed with cancer, designer Ashley Granata is working to help them reclaim their power. And, she's doing it with a scarf.
Inspired by her late grandmother and the scarf collection she left behind, Granata's line follows the buy-one, give-one-away model. Like similar shopping platforms — you probably already know TOMS' and Warby Parker's — for every item sold in this collection, called Ashley Jeanne, women undergoing chemotherapy will receive a scarf as well. "What a major insult to major injury at a time when you not only lose your control of your health, you also lose control of your appearance," Granata says. A silk square may not be medicine or a cure, but it's certainly a small (and pretty) show of support that could make a major difference.
To kick off this good-karma company, the brand took to Indiegogo with a video detailing what it's all about. Watch on to see how Granata's designs can cause a ripple effect. And, even catch the GIFs below, featuring choreographer Celia Rowlson Hall, that teach us how to tie one on (yes, it's more than "you put it around your neck").
uOBgyH3 - Imgur
58UYsfx - ImgurPhoto: Courtesy of Ashley Jeanne.
jbTFnyX - ImgurPhoto: Courtesy of Ashley Jeanne.
tvxNjSl - ImgurPhoto: Courtesy of Ashley Jeanne.

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