Artist Immortalizes Fashion’s Finest On The Toilet (NSFW)

If you've ever wondered how fashion folk spend their time in the, uh, bathroom, you'll be thrilled by artist aleXsandro Palombo's new graphic drawing collection appropriately entitled "Toilet Chic." The series captures designers, editors, and bloggers getting real intimate (and dirty) on their cans in a series of seductive and downright gross poses that made us blush. There's Anna Wintour reading some porn, Olivia Palermo as a dominatrix, Tom Ford rocking heels, latex, and a cherry-red jock strap, and a nipple clamped Carine Roitfeld spreading her legs for Terry Richardson (and oh, so, so much more). Bonus points for the semi-literate text accompanying the photos that had us giggling. Trust, you've never seen number two quite like this.