Your Eyeliner Just Got A Flashy Upgrade

I'm going to say something here that I may soon regret, but I like to think of this as a safe space, so here goes: I'm not really a big fan of liquid liner. There, that feels good to get out in the open. While I seriously admire it on other women — our own Ly Ngo has a seriously on-point cat-eye game that I look upon with envy each day — on myself, it's overpowering and makes my lashes look anemic. And, there's no amount of gloppy mascara that seems to be able to remedy it.
Because of my aversion to black liquid liner, I've pretty much given all liquid liners, no matter their hue, a wide berth. That is, until these pretty metallics from Giorgio Armani rolled across my desk. Like a magpie to a trinket, there's something about metallics I just can't resist, despite what form they come in.
I swatched the hues on my hand and was overjoyed with the rich color payoff — no rinky-dink hint of shimmer here. These were the real, molten-metal deal. So, I bravely took them home and prepared to put them on my eyes. Oh, now, now — I'm not a hero, just an everyday woman doing her job. No applause, please.
My first surprise was with how easy they were to apply. When I did wear liquids, I had always eschewed the brushes for the pen applicators, thinking they gave me more control and ease of use. With these brushes, the color went on fluidly and evenly (not gloppy!) making it easy to create a perfect cat-eye flick.
And, oh, what a flick it was. The moonstone Quarzo shade is a dreamy mix of beige and opal that looks absolutely breathtaking as a cat-eye. It immediately lit up my gaze and made me look ethereal, yet kind of badass — which is the beauty combo I'm always striving for. I'm 100% sold on these babies, $34 price tag and all. Because with one of these dancing and shimmying across my lids, I don't need any other eye makeup — they're a look unto themselves.
Click through to see all the shades, then tell me how you feel about these liquid metal liners. Do they set your heart aflutter or make you feel 50 shades of meh?

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