Is Your Apartment Ruining Your Skin?

Feeling all dry and stuffy? As temperatures drop, pollutants can increase, and New York living gets even more cramped, causing common (and uncommon) skin conditions to flare up. But, where are these pollutants coming from? Are your everyday rituals backfiring? Could your home possibly be poisoning you?
Recently, it seems our skin has had to contend with a variety of unhealthy assaults. Many water-based products (like the pre-moistened wipes, cosmetics, and hair products we swear by) have been found to contain increased amounts of a chemical preservative that causes an itchy, painful rash akin to poison ivy. The new trend in wearable tech is causing a flurry of skin allergies and reactions to the metals, such as nickel, that the products are crafted from.
In fact, it's become very difficult to find something that doesn't irritate our skin. To pinpoint the exact source of your problem, we sought out expert advice and innovative products that truly make a difference. Click through to learn just how to navigate your way through your own apartment this winter — and keep your skin glowing all season.