1, 2, 3 Valentino! Anne Hathaway Nails The Formula For Fierce

That raving red carpet has nothing on Anne Hathaway in this sheer chiffon gown. The pixie-cut Les Misérables actress and her killer body stopped by the New York City Ballet's Fall Gala to celebrate Valentino's contributions to the company's costuming, wearing a pair of seductive side eyes and one of the designer's signature airy ensembles. And, uh, she couldn't have looked better.
What's obvious is that Hathaway looks top-to-bottom gorgeous, but what has us really fussing is the fact that she manages screaming-sex appeal in a floor-length gown –– not exactly a hemline that screams scandal. If you're like us, and partial to Fashion Math, you'll see that things aren't exactly adding up like they should. According to our order of style operations, the zero exposed ankles plus two blousy peasant sleeves and the one sky-high neckline should yield something more along the sartorial lines of Mother Superior, definitely not the vibe we're feeling from this bride-to-be –– and we haven't even counted the veritable overgrowth of florets and verdant pattern yet! Our explanation is three-fold: 1) our ancient TI83 has finally busted, 2) in one lacy swoop, Hathaway's proved a fallacy of the rules of Fashion Math (shiver), and 3) the whole is a whole lot sexier than the sum of its parts.
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Photo: Patrick McMullan
Now that's effortless elegance! (Catwalk Queen)
Photo: Via Patrick McMullan

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