Finally, A Non-Grainy Photo Of Anne Hathaway’s Valentino Wedding Dress!

UPDATE: Of course. Just when we were starting to get over our fight with Anne for not inviting us to her wedding, she has to bring it back up with a gorgeous, hi-res photo of the dress for her Vogue cover story. Typical! We just can't stay mad at her, though, not when she's looking so gorgeous in her gown (and not when we know she's absolutely starving due to her crazy Les Misérables diet).
Things we learned: The dress has a pink tinge in the front. Not pink enough, we hope, to provoke fans to Jessica Biel levels of outrage, but it's there. The bust is a gorgeous, demure, wraparound-chiffon creation, matched in class only by the extreme lengths of the veil and train. As we suspected from the first photos, this has a lovely Old Hollywood vibe to it. Grace Kelly would approve, don't you think? (Grazia Daily)
Still not satisfied? Hit the next page (or two, or three) to relive the roller-coaster ride of emotions we all felt upon the release of the first grainy, telescopic pics.

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.

Well, we told you we'd keep you posted, didn't we? As promised, Anne Hathaway got married this weekend and we've scored pics of her ravishing Valentino gown. Of course, no dress worthy of a fairytale Big Sur wedding is complete without a headpiece. If Anne was worried about missing her long hair on the big day, well, that veil and headband combo more than made up for it.
The star chopped off all her hair for the Les Misérables movie, but that super-short pixie cut is a far cry from Fantine's desperation in real life. A lot of women probably imagine long flowing locks pinned into a meticulously braided updo (not that there's anything wrong with that) underneath a sheer veil, but Anne just proved that short hair on your wedding day can be just as beautiful. Congrats! It looks like a beautiful wedding, although we did notice one through to the next page to see what we're talking about.

Photo: Premiere/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

Anne, we love you. We care about you so much — which is why we have to tell you something. Girl, your's in the dirt. Your Valentino veil. Is. In. The. Dirt. Which is troubling to us, not just because of the laundering aspect, but because, well, you are wearing a whole bunch of organza at what is essentially a campsite.
I mean, we regularly use Valentino veils as dish rags, so we totally get where you're coming from, but we thought this particular custom-designed veil was expressly not meant for dirt-sweeping purposes. Or wait — is it that special Big Sur celebrity wedding dirt we've heard about? The kind that looks rustic and natural, but is actually made of beige-tinted fairy pixie dust? Oh, okay, that's fine then. But still, may we suggest a veil handler? Oh wait, you already have one, and he's diligently managing your train on page three...

Photo: Premiere/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

So much awwww. Triple cheers to the happiest of happy couples, and you know what? Let them roll around in the dirt. It's their wedding and they get to do whatever they want.

Photo: Premiere/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

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