Pan Am's Breakout Star Gives Us A Tour Of Her Closet

Annabelle Wallis kind of has it all. A hit series, Pan Am, airing on the small screen, a bright lineup of upcoming movies, a smoking-hot model boyfriend (hi, James Rousseau!), and a closet jammed with gorgeous vintage dresses, Mulberry satchels, and Isabel Marant shoes. But even if you wanted to hate her, you couldn’t—this British babe is also a sweet, smart, incredibly cool, and fiercely talented actress. And we happen to think she's destined to become a household name. In between trips to the UK to star alongside Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in Snow White And The Huntsman and time in NYC filming her show with Christina Ricci, we caught up with the awesome Ms. Wallis. The stunning blonde spilled on getting into character, her Bohemian upbringing in Portugal, and her obsession with Grace Kelly and Verushka—all while wearing perfect outfits you’ll want to copy faster than you can say "It Brit." Can you say a star is born?
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Here's looking at you, kid.

Where were you born?
"Oxford, England."

Where do you live now?
"Between London, Los Angeles, and Portugal."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle takes a stroll on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame in a vintage dress, Mulberry bag, and Kirk Geiger booties.

Describe your style in five words or less:
"Eclectic, chameleon-esque, fun, strong, with a splash of humour."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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A Zara skirt and YSL ring go brilliantly with one of her many pairs of Charlotte Olympia heels.

Do you have any treasured items in your closet? Can you tell us what they are and any stories about them?
"I have a long bohemian day dress my mother wore whilst she was pregnant with my brother—I love it. All the things passed down to me…vintage Chanel dresses and anything given to me by friends. And a feathered top hat that has jewels on it."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle wears a Madewell denim shirt, Genetic Denim jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers, and a vintage necklace.

If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
"'Changes' by David Bowie, as it is forever changing."

What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
"Black skinny jeans, and cashmere anything! Cocktail rings, and leather jackets, and leopard-print shoes."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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A DANNIJO necklace paired with a Madewell button-up.

Who are your style heroes?
"Ricardo Ticci at Givenchy is amazing, Monica Vitti (an Italian actress), Diane Keaton when she did Annie Hall—she is a one-off and I love how she flies the flag of individuality in a classy, elegant, yet quirky way."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Closet case: Various bags, jewels, and glasses in her walk-in closet.

What's your best cheap score of late?
"I love a bargain! I bought these boots on ASOS and everyone thinks they are Alaïa ...oh the trickery!"

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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The stunning star rocks a vintage dress in her Hollywood 'hood.

What's on your fall/winter/holiday wish-list accessories-wise?
"Church's of England studded brogues—they are an old English luxury shoe maker and they make the coolest brogues. All of Laura Bohinc's jewelry, bags and shoes, and one of Georgia Harding’s long print dresses."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle wears a Tucker blouse while snacking on nerds and hanging out in the office.

You're definitely an expert shopper. What are some tricks of the trade you could give to our readers?
"Only buy it if you can't live without it. Go out of your way on your travels to find local clothing, things you won't find anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be designer to be great, so many high street stores have great pieces, and I love to mix and match."

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Isabel Marant sneakers—swoon!

Is there anything you would never be caught wearing?
"Spandex and anything PVC."

How do you use clothing to help you get into character?
“Clothing is so important. It helps you step into your character in the physical sense. When playing a period role it helps with posture and fully encompassing the life at the time of the character you are playing. The social constraints on women throughout history are very much depicted through clothing—it's a very important avenue to explore when preparing a role.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle lounging on the roof of her L.A. apartment building, overlooking the iconic Capitol Records building.

We love your vintage pieces. Are there any secrets to wearing or shopping for vintage that you can share?
“Have fun with it, allow yourself to be a little daring with vintage. The allure for me is that most good vintage pieces are a one-off. Knowing that there is not another one out there...”

What's your most treasured item in your closet?
“Prada sent me some pink snakeskin fall '12 heels with my name embossed on them in GOLD! They were handmade for me...I love them so so much and Prada for sending them to me.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle wears a vintage dress, vintage red belt, Zara jacket, Armani sunglasses, and Mulberry bag.

We love your beauty look, what are your top three secrets for easy and gorgeous makeup.
“Make sure your skin is well moisturized, both through moisturizing topically and drinking lots of water. I like Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and Clé de Peau concealers, foundation, and lip balm. Good mascara like those from Dior. Keep it simple—never too much makeup.”

Who's your older woman style icon?
“The late Isabella Blow, who was fearless with her style. Grace Kelly for classic perfection. Veruschka, a model in the '60s..amazingly cool.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Shoes, shoes, shoes: Her footwear selection includes Isabel Marant, Charlotte Olympia, Prada, and a few vintage treasures.

What are you excited to wear this fall/winter?
“Winter Jackets and lots of layering... Haider Ackermann is on my wish-list. I think he's incredible. An Alexander McQueen coat if I really feel flash!”

What's your advice for girls who want a career like yours?
“To make sure you're passionate. To do it for the love of the craft and the job. Work hard! Be kind to people. The most important thing for me is that I have the same group of friends from when I was born. I can totally switch off and just be myself, it keeps me grounded, makes me always aware of what is really important in life. If the foundations of who you are are solid, you can carry an empire!”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal
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Annabelle stays cool by the pool in a Whistles dress and a vintage straw hat.

What would you tell a younger version of yourself...any advice you wish you knew when you were just getting started in the industry?
“That I'd get better with age. Wisdom is a wonderful tool to my craft.”

What do you love most about living/filming in L.A.?
“L.A. is a very stimulating city. It is the centre of what I do. The feeling that anything is possible is ever-present when I am in the city. It has a great art and music scene that is great for finding new bands and artists. The fact you can be at a meeting in Hollywood and in 20 minutes be at the beach with very different from dodging puddles on London streets...I'm sure you can understand the appeal!”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal

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