Woman Poses With Her $70,000 Shoe Collection In A Tacky Shoot

Now this is something Countess LuAnn would not approve of: Necole Bitchie reports that Power 105.1 DJ Angela Yee posed for a magazine called Pynk (the name alone should tell you something) surrounded by her massive shoe collection. And what recession? When asked how much her entire stash was worth, she modestly replied, "I could probably buy a house. I would say it's probably worth $70,000." Although we'd love some of her stilettos, boots, and sandals in our closet—hello, Camilla Skovgaard—we can't imagine spending a down-payment on a house outfitting our feet, much less agreeing to do a magazine shoot if we did. We're not sure if it's supposed to be ironic, but we'd say the shot of Angela looking like she's peeing whiskey outside a Ferrari while wearing an "Office Tramp" necklace pretty much sums up our point. Money can't buy you class, right?

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