These Loafers Require Zero Breaking In

Most sturdy loafers should come with a disclaimer that they're likely not going to be the most comfortable on the first few wears. In fact, one pair I own actually did — when I opened the box, it said something along the lines of: "The break-in time will be longer for these shoes. Wear these for a few hours, two or three days in a row; perhaps pair socks with loafers and lace-ups to eliminate any unnecessary discomfort." So, I went to CVS, bought a box of Bandaids and prepared for the worst, wearing them with socks the first few times to protect my heels from being skinned until the leather decided to give a bit.
The fact that most leather loafers require a wear-until-they're-comfortable period is a bummer — especially considering how popular the silhouette has become again (thank you, Gucci). But, a few months into the trend's resurgence, I stumbled upon a pair by Andre Assous that didn't just give off those Gucci vibes (check the horsebit detail), but were so comfortable on the first wear I could hardly believe my feet. Seriously. There was no rubbing, no pinching, no scraping, nothing — nothing but leathery, soft goodness. Comfortable loafers do exist!, I thought. Plus, they're so malleable, I could wear them with the back portion pressed down flat, turning them into a D.I.Y. babouche slipper. Finally, the days spent having to break-in my shoes were behind me. And there's no turning back now.
So, until I've saved up enough money to splurge on some extra-special Gucci loafers, I'll be wearing this soft-as-butter option. They're easy to wear (and style), so freaking comfortable, and best of all, with them, you can leave the Bandaids at home.
Andre Assous Paige Leather Flat, $235, available at Andre Assous.

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