An Abercrombie Model Gets Fired For Eating A Croissant

Apparently, bedbugs aren't the only thing that suck about working at Abercrombie & Fitch. At a photo shoot for the financially troubled brand at Montauk's Panoramic Hotel last week with famed shutterbug Bruce Weber, the 30 male and female models were not having as much fun as the half-nude catalog snaps suggest. The pretty faces were working 13-hour days, and the ad agency nannied their eating, drinking, and even workouts. For the weeklong shoot, the girls scored $2,500 and the dudes $1,500 (a really, really bad wage in the modeling industry), plus $13-a-day meal stipends, which doesn't buy you alot of grub in the Hamptons. So strict was the job, Belgian model Florian Van Bael got booted for...eating a croissant. Guess those slicked abs don't look that good for nothing. (New York Post)