Exclusive First Look: American Apparel's New Summer Nail Polish Collection

Colors from left to right: Clear Base/Top Coat, Malibu Green, L'Esprit, Summer Peach, California Trooper, Butter.
If we may, here's an addendum to our ten nail polish colors of spring 2010American Apparel just released their new summer line of nail polish shades, and we couldn't possibly be more obsessed with the luscious pastel hues. As always, the colors are named after the little things that make up American Apparel culture. The khaki "California Trooper," refers to the ubiquitous California Highway Patrol, "Malibu Green" is found in the shades surrounding the company's store on the Pacific Coast Highway, and "Butter" and "Summer Peach" remind us how delicious a Southern California summer can be. Each bottle is priced at $6 a pop, and a 3-pack goes for $15 in-store and online. Also, they now comes in non-toxic flavors! Hooray!

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