Rad or Bad: Amanda Seyfried Gets Tailored In Turquoise H&M

Starlet Amanda Seyfried used to give us mental pictures of an almost too-sweet 20-something with mermaid locks and flashing empty eyes in Mean Girls or singing her heart out in Mamma Mia. Now, though, we're changing our tune. The gun-weilding, bob-cropped Seyfried in the new flick, In Time, has our attention in a less-cutesy, more girl-crush way, and this look at the movie's UK premiere proves why. We're into the turquoise tuxedo jacket and matching shorts from H&M's spring '12 collection and her choice of simple styling, but we're caught on that sort-of stifling neckline. First glance found love, but a few looks later we were thinking it's a bit priest-on-top, party on the bottom. You tell us—is this London look right for the moment, or all out of time?
Photo: Via The Superficial

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