AK Vintage Fall Lookbook Is The Lovechild Of Mermaids And Blacksmiths

Deep within Anna Korte mind lies imprinted images of the mighty landscapes of Oregon. Rivers run wild, mountains high, and waterfalls rage, and her jewelry mimics the lines of these formations, flowing into wearable art, perfect for the cool streets of downtown Portland, or really—anywhere. Just like most good Portlandians, Anna Korte makes her pieces in an eco-friendly fashion, using old parts of vintage jewelry and recycled leather, all conceived and produced locally, where the beer is good and the rain is constant. It’s no wonder her new fall lookbook carries the haziness of an underwater ethereal feeling, which is a brilliant contrast to the heavy earthiness of her jewelry—as if it's the love child of a mermaid and the local blacksmith. Who can resist a good body chain in the name of nature?

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