Aerin Lauder To Launch Her Own Lifestyle Brand, Hopes To Be The Next Tory Burch

If you're not familiar with the Tory Burch story, here's a super-quick 4-1-1: The Pennsylvanian had no real design education, but since starting her line in 2004, Burch beat the odds to win the CFDA, opened a store and sold $100,000 worth of goods on the first night, and basically took an investment from her now ex-husband and created a massive, extremely successful lifestyle brand that's made her the Oprah of fashion (Oprah's own endorsement didn't hurt). It's not surprising then that according to Racked, the Estée Lauder scion and the company's senior vice president Aerin Lauder wants to follow in her Reva ballet flat-and-tunic footsteps and become "the next Tory Burch." We think she has one hell of a chance given her support system: Anna Wintour will serve as an adviser, NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker will consult, and White House deputy social secretary Ebs Burnough quit his job to hop on the Lauder train. Lauder's collection will have accessories and apparel, as wells as housewares and jewelry, some of which will channel her grandmother's private stash. Tory, are you listening?