For This Party Girl, Hanging With A-List VIPs Is A Full-Time Job

Adrienne Soleil, VIP Services Supervisor, SBE
From the wrong side of the velvet rope, the envy-inducing service lavished on celebs, VIPs, and high rollers at luxe clubs, restaurants, hotels, and events seems pretty darn seamless. But — surprise, surprise — getting those big spenders to the right banquette in the right hotspot with a chilled magnum of the right Champagne takes a lot of work. It's big business, too. Catering to notable names and big-bucks clients not only bankrolls the upper tier of nightlife venues, it requires full-time VIP party concierges like Adrienne Soleil to bring those A-listers and deep-pocketed fun seekers to the hottest parties and get them the best treatment. Here, Soleil reveals the very real profession behind the kind of personal services you only dream about.
Ok, so your resume says, VIP Services Supervisor. What does that mean exactly?
"It means I cater to and customize our services for each client's preferences within sbe's restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. 'Friendship through service is my motto. I'm not there to push a sale, but to showcase the lifestyle. Basically, my job on a night-to-night basis is to make our clients happy, so, my job changes based on the night and the club I'm at."
So, you stick to your VIP clients all night?
"No, it's way more than that. See, my clients aren't just looking for the 'it' party. They also want a full, stylish experience in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, or wherever they're going. So, my day consists of follow-ups, outreaching to not only the party crowd, but to establishments such as hotels and restaurants to keep or build relationships for clients. Operationally, my nights consist of laying out the right table, creating the right space and energy, as well as communicating with the General Manager, promoters, servers, or bussers from whatever venue we're at on how to handle the client and their needs."
And exactly who are these big-ticket clients?
"I can't say, that's why they keep coming!"
"Sorry. Privacy is everything for these people."
Ok, given that you're on your feet all day and night ducking in and out of stylish spots, what do you pack when you head out for the evening?
"I'm always running around at night, so I hate having big bags. I've figured out that the only thing I really need is my caviar eyeliner from Laura Mercier and the thin-angled brush that comes with it. Everything else is obsolete!"
And as a professional partier, you must have a professional-grade hangover cure.
"My job isn't just about partying (it's probably only a quarter of it). Still, I suggest coconut water and lots of it! Also a McDonald's Big Mac doesn't hurt either."
And, from the woman who makes sure every star's cocktail is perfect, what's your favorite drink order?
"Pre-drinks, sitting at Bar Centro waiting for the girls, I'll order some refreshing bad boy — like, say, a Malibu Island Spiced Half-and-Half — with a clean aftertaste, for a good start to the night."
Styled by Danielle Combs; Hair and Makeup by Liset Garza.
Zara top, Forever21 skirt, Tov jacket, Forever21 boots, Vintage Bvlgari handbag, Michael Kors watch, Brandy Melville bracelets, vintage ring.
Photographed at The Spare Room, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard; 323-769-7296. Advertisement

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