The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

If your phone blows up every five minutes with a message from a different person in your inner circle, congrats: You’re cool. But, it’s not all Queen B perks and a seat at the best lunch table. Come holiday season, instead of simply relishing your A-list status, you’re forced to spend all your time searching for the perfect presents for all your peeps. To help, we rounded up four gifts for five different types of friends. You're about to become even more popular.

For The Office Spouse
Stylish desk accents show your cube mate that you care. Update her notebook game with graphic pads and spruce up her space with an offbeat picture frame (maybe she’ll include a photo of the two of you!), a lush succulent, and a one-of-a-kind bowl for paper clips and odds and ends.


For The Fancy Cousin

She always has the latest stuff, so it’s hard to compete. But, you may just come out ahead with of-the-moment add-ons. She’s probably already splurged on the faux-fur coat for herself, so try a scarf for when she decides to don her wool or leather topper. Add to her accessories closet with Kenzo’s new coin case, rad shades that look as expensive as her designer pairs (but aren’t), or whimsical sandals for the tropical winter getaway you know she’s booked.

For The Grad-School Star
Between test prep and interviewing for her dream gig, your scholarly pal
probably doesn't have much time to upgrade her essentials. Keep her
studious routine on point with a chic new backpack, polished cardi, unique
notebook, and sleek monogrammed gloves for chilly walks to and from class.

For The Token Bro
Men can be hard to shop for (especially if they don’t ever tell you what they want), but that doesn’t mean you need to resort to lame ties. Give him something he’d never get himself, like a nice grooming set, non-white crew socks, or update his gym bag with a masculine, camo tote. If you’re feeling playful, a shot glass set (emblazoned with Mark Twain quotes to keep it smart) is a gift win for sure.

For The Ultimate BFF

Your partner-in-crime knows everything about you. So, personal gifts are key. Go the cheeky route with a two-for-one coffee mug for hot-chocolate-and-a-movie dates, the practical way with a non-cheesy eye-mask you know your better half could use, veer sentimental with a nice cuff (get one for yourself to match), or just go for a card if your love is simply enough — no present needed.