Your Underwear Drawer Is Getting A High-Fashion Reboot

One of our favorite four-letter words is "Acne." It's the fashion-kid go-to known for being cool without trying too hard (and please don't confuse it with the skin condition). The Stockholm-based line's most beloved word? "Basic." But, basic in a good way — which is the best way to describe the brand's first-ever underwear collection, out today.
Acne creative director Jonny Johansson believes that "underwear should be beige or skin-colored, because I prefer no underwear." And, while we don't believe that "skin" is a color (or that anybody is this particular tone of putty-like greige), we think the hues in this lineup are on-point. The collection offers four men's styles and two brief options — normal and high-waist — for women, which come in the afore-mentioned greige and black. All of these are shockingly understated in a world of frilly and high-concept lingerie. Check out all of them in the barely-there snaps ahead. Your skivvies drawer is about to get a serious makeunder.