What To Buy At Abercrombie For $100 Or Less

Whether it's been a few months or a few years since you stepped foot in Abercrombie & Fitch, surely it's quite different from the dimly lit, overwhelmingly fragrant mall outpost with an underdressed greeter you remember. Just in the past year, the brand has majorly revamped its aesthetic. The polos and Lego-emblazoned T-shirts are but a cologne-tinged memory, and cool-kid collaborations with Superga, Woolrich, and other grown-up favorites are the new norm. Even better: A quick scope of its offerings reveals a ton of great finds under $100.
Along with aesthetic rebranding came larger conversations about inclusion, a necessary effort given the less-than-stellar reputation Abercrombie & Fitch gained since its heyday. A major brand icon was let go in the process, and you might just feel a little more comfortable giving the brand another chance now. (If you're hit with a case of nostalgia, you can still shop an updated version of signature A&F swag.) The items ahead prove the shop shouldn't be overlooked any longer — especially for anyone whose bank account's been taking a beating of late.