A Preview Of L.A.’s Charlie Sheen Themed Art Exhibition, “Winning”

Charlie Sheen's descent into madness (or rise into awesomeness), has been mana from heaven for comics, bloggers, T-shirt makers, cable news stations, and pretty much every facet of modern media. Don't you think it's about time the practitioners of the fine arts got off their troll asses and started strafing that shit with some creative napalm? Well, come tomorrow, those who put brush to canvas will have their response to the whole warlock assassin controversy with "WINNING," an exhibition of art inspired by the man who whose veins run with tiger blood at the appropriately named Hyaena Gallery in Los Angeles. Featuring a collection of young and veteran artists, the show will "pay tribute to a man who is not afraid to lay down his own path outside the mainstream and walk it proudly." Straight up. One can only pray that Sheen himself and his Goddesses will show to the opening reception Saturday night, which, as the press release states, is only blocks away from the Two and a Half Men studios. Talk about kismet. In any case, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't give you a look at our favorite pieces from the exhibition. Hold on to your jocks and step into the octagon!
Saturday, April 2, from 8 p.m. to midnight. "WINNING," at Hyaena, 1928 West Olive Avenue (between South Lamer Street and South Parish Place); Burbank; 818-972-2448.
Click through for art with Adonis DNA.