A Peek At Natalia Vodianova And Jonathan Rhys Meyers' New Film, Belle du Seigneur

If we didn't know these snaps of Natalia Vodianova and Jonathan Rhys Meyers riding horses in Camogli, Italy were scenes from their upcoming movie Belle du Seigneur, we'd think they were doing a photo shoot for equestrian fashion! They're just that good looking. Based on Albert Cohen's best-selling 1968 French novel, Vodianova will make her first leading-role debut playing a Swiss woman who has an affair with Meyers, a Jewish Diplomat during WWII. Politics, war, and love—a recipe for a tear-jerker if we've ever heard one. As all novel-turned-movies go, we'll be sure to read the book before Belle du Seigneur reaches theatres in...2012. We'll read slowly!

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