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Happy Halloween weekend! The best celeb Halloween costumes, right here. (Refinery29)
Naturally, something spooky should happen. This year, an asteroid is coming crazy close to Earth. (Refinery29)
A man sat next to his doppelgänger on a flight by chance, and the resulting photo is glorious. (Refinery29)
A couch-bed hybrid is exactly what we need for winter. Is it too cold to go out yet? (Refinery29)
In case you missed it, the third GOP debate was Wednesday. Marco Rubio was the clear winner. (Refinery29)
A hundred students have protested in support of the officer who threw a student to the floor. The officer in question was fired after the video surfaced. (Refinery29)
China has ended its one-child policy. Couples are now allowed to have two children; the reactions are mixed. (Refinery29)
Here's everything coming to Netflix in November. Sunday is lookin' good. (Refinery29)
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