This Man Was Seated Next To His “Long-Lost Twin” On A Plane

Ponying up for first-class tickets is basically the only way to improve flying. That is, unless you happen to run into what appears to be your long-lost twin. Two doppelgänger strangers on a recent RyanAir flight to Galway discovered that they were assigned to sit next to each other. So, of course, they did the logical thing: They took a selfie.
The photo went viral after a friend of one of the men shared it on Twitter. Since then, the internet — much like the shocked photobomber a few rows back — has reacted with disbelief that two strangers could look so much alike. And it looks like this may have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After the flight, the two men discovered they were also staying in the same hotel, and later ran into each other at a bar.
Discovering your doppelgänger has become something of a trend recently. Two college students studying abroad in Germany saw their selfies go viral after they shared their excitement over meeting their "stranger twin." We'll consider this latest doppelgänger success story just another good reason to book a flight right now.

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