This Genius Invention Wants YOU To Stay In Bed All Winter

Photo: Courtesy of Belle Maison.
Guys, we may have just run across the solution to winter: Japanese kotatsu. According to Japan Today, kotatsu are tables with little space-heaters underneath, blankets on top, and flat tabletops where you can put your cup of tea. The result: a super-toasty cocoon to hide out in all winter. Typical kotatsu only involve a table, but modern-day reinventions (called oki-gotatsu) have taken comfort to a whole new extreme. Bored Panda ran across a variety of couch/table/bed kotatsu hybrids that offer back support, warmth, and a place to snooze — with adjustable cushions and cozy-looking duvets. The result is, we must say, genius.
Photo: Courtesy of Belle Maison.
Granted, for one of these to really work, you need an ample amount of space. And, hey, maybe the idea of a covered space heater scares you. Still, just imagine hiding out in one of these on a particularly wintry day, hot chocolate in hand and Netflix on the TV. You'd never want to leave. We'd definitely throw some $200 towards this trend — if we had the space. More Home Stories:
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