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Hillary Clinton had a rough week, but she still crushed it. Thursday's Benghazi hearing took 11 hours. (Refinery29)
Meanwhile, we chat with a millennial who is part of the "pro-life generation." (Refinery29)
Too many good things are leaving Netflix next month. This includes some prime Halloween movies, so get on it. (Refinery29)
One woman recalls being breastfed until the age of 5. "It was the right choice," she says. (Refinery29)
In case you've been under a rock, Drake released a hot new video. We've got all the looks, ranked. (Refinery29)
Airbnb posted some snarky ads about paying $12 million in hotel taxes. S.F. residents are not amused. (Refinery29)
Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common: They've both been called "calculating" (and it needs to stop). (Refinery29)
"Female Viagra" has just hit the shelves. It's sold under the name "Addyi." (Refinery29)
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