The ONLY 10 Under-$100 Items You Need

In an ideal world, our wardrobes would function like a championship team — we'd have a curated selection of just a few badass, strong players pieces that could work in any situation. Got a party? Have to go to work? Are you hanging out on a Sunday? Check, check, and check — our top 10 look fly every time.

In reality,
however, our closets can be a scary place. There is clutter everywhere. We open the doors and voila, ghosts of seasons past creepily stare back at us, alongside items we keep around just in case we get invited to that black tie gala or if we happen to spontaneously head to the south of Italy.

While you might find yourself on an impromptu Roman holiday (fingers crossed), it's still time to buckle down and get real. In the name of a mean, lean wardrobe, we've gone ahead and done all the dirty work for you. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find the only 10 items you could need for almost any situation. The best part? They're all under $100. Get it, girl.

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