The Petite Girls’ Guide To Perfectly Fitting Pants

For petite shoppers, finding the perfect pair of pants doesn't mean just picking a style that you like. You need to take into account length; where the knee hits (or is designed to hit); and if there's any cool detailing around the hem that'll inevitably end up on the tailor's floor. There's a lot of poring over measurements, trying to decipher if the crop on that peg-leg trouser on sale will make a visit to said tailor optional.
I can't tell you how many pants I've loved and lost because my less-than-5-foot figure couldn't fill them out correctly. (I'm looking at you, free-spirited, flowy trousers.) But there are many tips and tricks you learn along the way when scoping the market as petite. So this time around, we did all the math for you. Ahead, we tackle four different pant categories and showcase some of the best options out there for petite limbs.
From specialty sizing to the ever-versatile culotte (seriously, embrace it), we've got 20 bottoms for any and every sartorial scenario. May your ankles be free and your pants better-fitting.

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