28 London Influencers On The Books That Changed Their Lives

Maybe it's on your nightstand, dog-eared and tea-stained. Maybe you loaned it to a friend or sent it out into the world by leaving it on a train. Maybe it's (gasp) even on your Kindle. Maybe you are just simply living it. 
What is "it"? It's that most divine of pleasures, the life-changing book. The reading experience that shook you to the core, changed your way of thinking, inspired you more than any other. Perhaps it steered you onto a new path or was just so delightful to read that no other book has really compared. It could be Dr. Seuss or Richard Dawkins, Mark Twain or Malcolm Gladwell.
It's different for everyone. That's why we decided to seek out the beloved reads held sacred by some of London's most familiar faces. From actresses and athletes to musicians and media figures, these London-based influencers shared the books that have meant the most to them. A quick warning, though: Your library wish list is about to get intense.

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