8 Yummy Brunch Spots To Book Now

We all know this week is all about getting your Resolutions off on the right foot. But regardless of where you are in your pursuit of a slightly smaller size, we know you're always more interested in a way-worth it meal than a baggie of raw almonds (yawn!). So, if you're in the mood to go Big, we've got just the ticket—and with a whole day to burn it off! Our yummiest L.A. brunch spots banish any old thoughts of snoozy diners or IHOPs (though they can be good at times, too). In fact, these 8 delicious eateries specialize in everything from Red Velvet pancakes to satisfying salads and the freshest eggs straight from our local Farmers Market. Put simply, it's the perfect way to fuel up for a big Saturday or Sunday on the town...or, you know, a good old-fashioned catnap.