10 Of The Best NYC Restaurants You Haven't Been To Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Remington Guest.
The most thrilling New York discoveries tend to happen when you least expect them. That's especially true when it comes to exploring the city's insanely large (and ever-changing) restaurant and bar scene. Sometimes, the best spots can't be found by searching Zagat or Yelp. They're stumbled upon while you're simply walking the streets.

Remington Guest, brainchild behind the food-centric blog Cheap, Best, Hidden — and, recent inductee into Tumblr's Class of 2015 for New York Fashion Week — has spent plenty of hours, days, and weeks scouring New York City for, in his own words, things like the "best damn croissants...or the place that will make frozen margaritas to go." Want to know the cool, under-the-radar spots he's uncovered? Ahead, Guest shares tips and tricks (like when to go and what to order) for 10 of the city's eateries.

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