8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 20 2014

Bros and fashion don't typically mix, unless said bros work at Complex and are paid to be sartorial truthers. (Complex)
A recent Harvard study revealed that, though there's been a decrease in antidepressant use since 2004, the suicide rate has gone up despite the FDA's introduction of suicide warnings. (The Daily Beast)
Cpl. William Carpenter, the 24-year-old war hero whose story has been the subject of much press coverage, will be the eighth recipient of a medal of honor for serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Sun Herald)
Speaking of Iraq, President Obama recently decided to send approximately 300 military advisors to the country in an attempt to stop it from falling into a full-blown civil war. (Associated Press)
On the entertainment front: The jazz world lost one of its most influential pioneers. Horace Silver passed away yesterday at the age of 85. (Pitchfork)
The debate over whether creationism should be integrated into public-school curriculum has re-entered the daily conversation. As a result, what is considered "a broad and balanced" syllabi has been called into question. (UPI)
If you needed any more proof that college tuition has become ridiculously unaffordable, here's a chart that puts the economic state of education in simple terms. (The Huffington Post)
Sure, politics and current events are important, but new Internet data shows that people much prefer the sugar-coated gossip over the hard-hitting headlines. (The Atlantic)
8thingsddPhoto: Courtesy of Complex.

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