Viva La Skinny Jean! 16 Non-Basic Pairs To Keep Them Alive

Photo: Courtesy of Gap.
Sure, we’ve been rooting for the gauchos and girlfriends as of late, but skinny jeans don't have to go anywhere. Sorry calves; it’s time to suffocate for a few more seasons. But, that’s okay when you're pairing them with a billowy top or oversized sweatshirt. And they are called skinny jeans for a reason.
In an era when new cuts and shapes are holding reign, it’s high time you rethink those basic black or dark-wash favorites you’ve lived in since 2005 in favor of new, non-basic styles that’ll give your legs something to talk about. Ahead, painted, ripped, and bleached pairs to leave you (and your denim game) anything but blue.

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