8 Things To Know This AM — May 08 2014

It's been 37 years, but the great American travel magazine, Holiday, lives again. Let the wanderlust begin. (The Cut)
Another cultural staple is being revived, too. The inevitable big-budget, live-action Power Rangers movie is coming. (Forbes)
Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have successfully created an organism with an artificial genetic code. This means the selection of building blocks for life just got a whole lot wider, while the question of man playing god is ringing louder than ever. (The New York Times)
Additionally, space researchers are urging NASA to turn its sights away from Mars and on Europa, Jupiter's moon, for signs of life. (Aeon)
Research has also discovered that the Dementors in Harry Potter are, in fact, real and exist in the form of a new wasp species. Better brush up on that Patronus Charm. (IFL Science)
In more discovery news: A new species of dinosaurs was found in China. Hopefully the Tyrannosaurus rex is all right with another family member. (The Guardian)
A "healthier" e-cigarette is on its way, but you're going to need a prescription to use it. (Quartz)
Finally college has been touted as the best four years of anyone's life, but that cliché might have to be rethought considering a recent Gallup survey of 30,000 grads claims it was anything but. (Inside Higher Ed)
8things_00Photo: Courtesy of Holiday Magazine.