Add To Cart: Get Your Act Together

It's Sunday night, so you know what that means — time to get your act together. Coincidentally, it's also time for our weekly installment of Add To Cart. And, because we care, we're calling out all the stuff you may have missed that'll totally enhance your life or just help keep your health, decor, and style on the up-and-up. A sturdy bra? Check. A broke girl's version of Givenchy? Check. Green juice in powder form? Much to your weekend alter ego's latte-swigging, French-wine-guzzling chagrin, check.
Up ahead, you'll find these things, plus seven others, that you'll want to incorporate into your soon-to-be-fabulous, pulled-together life. Now, run and fetch that last bit of Malbec, throw it into a freshly washed coffee mug (you can leave the rest of those dirty dishes for later), and click on. Serenity and style await.